A strategic partnership with the French atomic energy agency (Commissariat à l'énergie atomique et aux énergies alternatives français – CEA)

Since 2009, Veolia Nuclear Solutions has confirmed its position as an expert in operating waste treatment facilities. We work in close cooperation with operational teams on the different sites of the CEA, a key contributor to research, development and innovation.

Veolia Nuclear Solutions' team is deeply skilled and can ensure radiation protection, safety and quality control during the different phases of treating radioactive waste from design to dispatch for final or intermediate storage.

Our references as an industrial operator:
  • Operating INB 35 (liquid effluent management) - CEA Saclay
  • Operating INB 72 (solid effluent management) - CEA Saclay
  • Operating the site for collecting and treating waste with very low-level radioactivity (Centre de Regroupement et de Traitement des déchets de très faible activité - CRETFA) - CEA Marcoule.
Strategic partnership with the CEA
In the context of this partnership, Veolia Nuclear Solutions is thus conducting several characterization missions at the CEA's French sites:
  • Radiological mapping (surface and underground galleries)
  • Deep soil samples under dynamic containment
  • Radiological surveys, mobile unit-based sample preparation and packaging
  • Glove box work
  • Radiation protection management
  • Final facility mapping for downgrading
Asteralis Operation

Since 2009 at CEA's Saclay site (Essonne, France), in addition to its waste characterization duties, Veolia Nuclear Solutions has managed the operation and maintenance of an active liquid effluent treatment facility (STELLA).
The operations consist of:
  • recovering and storing standard or tritiated Low-Activity (LA) and Medium-Activity (MA) liquid effluent;
  • concentrating effluents by evaporation;
  • following chemical pretreatment, immobilizing concentrates in a cement matrix and creation of parcels taken to appropriate storage facilities.
As a sign of the trust placed in and recognition of the high-quality work performed by the teams, following contract renewal in 2014, the CEA decided to select Veolia as the sole contractor for the following services:
  • operations control through transverse safety, security, quality, environment, radiation protection, transport, supply, waste and chemical analysis functions;
  • operation of STELLA (production, facility operation, maintenance, facility surveillance);
  • corrective maintenance and change management;
  • facility maintenance and monitoring-control modification activities via our partners ENDEL and ASSYSTEM.

Since 2014, at the CEA Marcoule site (Gard, France), Veolia Nuclear Solutions has also managed the operation of the very low level radioactive waste grouping and shipment center, providing the following services:
  • collection from the Marcoule facilities producing parcels in primary packaging and/or large parcels not requiring primary packaging;
  • acceptance and temporary storage of collected parcels;
  • shipment of collected parcels to the ANDRA Industrial grouping and storage center (CIRES);
  • ensuring the availability of the facility, its equipment and processes, along with the fluids;
  • maintaining the ICPE (registered environmental facility) at a high level of safety and security, under the end responsibility of the CEA's facility contract manager (RCI);
  • day-to-day management of this storage (by parcel type, by exclusion zone, etc.);
  • maintenance of the equipment, means and premises provided for these duties.