Dexter, Our Propriety Remote Manipulator System

Dexter is a Veolia Nuclear Solutions remote manipulator system developed from the Mascot system used by the Joint European Torus (JET) facility for over 20 years. It is similar to a standard Master-Slave Manipulator (MSM) in that it provides high degrees of dexterity and instantaneous force feedback. However, instead of a mechanical linkage the system works through a high-fidelity control loop.
  • Dexter System
  • Dexter System
  • Dexter System


A “Man-in-the-Loop" system

The Dexter system is not a programmable robot but is a manual tool operated by people 100% of the time. This is called a “Man-in-the-Loop” system. The operator controls a Master arm set and uses cameras to view the work area. When the operator moves the master arms, the slave arms located in the remote area respond instantly and exactly. Importantly, the control system reads the feedback from the slave drives and reproduces any resistance back into the master in real time. The operator experience is nearly identical to operating a mechanical MSM.

There are however, a number of additional features available to Dexter because of the electronic control such as force limiting, force scaling, virtual walls, keep out zones, and other aids. Dexter has a payload of approximately 25kg and a sensitivity down to a few grams. It can perform almost any operation that a person can perform.

A Very Simple Tool Interface 

Dexter has a very simple tool interface on its gripper. It will mainly use handheld tools but can also use powered tools. A variety of tools will be provided but additional tools can always be provided after delivery due to their standard interface design.
To date, Veolia Nuclear Solutions has developed over 2000 individual tools for Dexter to use; it is therefore unlikely that Dexter is required to perform an operation for which a tool does not already exist.
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