Our Mobile Water Treatment System

Veolia Nuclear Solutions has designed and produced specialty mobile systems to complement fixed columns using ISM® substrates. This mobile treatment system, known as KMPS®, can be used for the rapid implementation of ISM® substrates in tanks which are too remote from the water treatment units, avoiding an influx of contaminated liquids.

Mobile Processions System: 5 skid-mounted assemblies
First-of-a-Kind, At-Tank Mobile System
The KMPS® is composed of five modified ISO shipping containers. It employs a modular, plug-and-process design that is similar to the company’s successful cesium-removal adsorption system, and supplemented with additional filtration capabilities.

Our modular systems have been used worldwide, providing solutions for isolating waste from the environment. They have been used to treat contaminants in many types of projects: groundwater remediation, nuclear fuel pools and Nuclear Power Plants.

Our first mobile processing system started operating at the Fukushima Daiichi site in early October 2014 and removed more than 99.95% of the strontium from the water, surpassing decontamination targets.

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