Investigation and Characterization

Dedicated radiological laboratories

Veolia Nuclear Solutions operates radiological laboratories in the U.S. and France.
In the US, Veolia Nuclear Solutions operates two radioactively licensed facilities in Richland, Washington: the Research Center (tritium) and the Separation Development Lab (located at APEL). The laboratories are customer and application focused. We offer services to conduct treatability studies and help predict system performance for any client application.

In our US Laboratories, we have:
  • adapted methods for many types of wastes Sorption (Adsorption, Absorption and Ion Exchange) testing equipment
  • ​Liquid Scintillation Counting
  • ​Partners with accredited laboratories in the United States to provide certified analytical results to customers
In France, Veolia Nuclear Solutions owns and operates a 500 m² radiological laboratory.  Created in 2013, this laboratory, situated near Lyon,  France, has a COFRAC (COmité FRançais d’ACcréditation) certification for 11 complex analysis methods (accreditation COFRAC Testing 1-5750. scope available on
COFRAC is recognized for testing activities by EA (European cooperation for Accreditation), ILAC (International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation) an IAF (International Accreditation Forum)​.

Our French laboratory's capacities:
  • 10,000 analyses per year
  • Complex analyses (α, β counting, α and γ Spectrometry, Liquid Scintillation, ICP MS – metal analysis, Analyses requiring preparation and/or chemical Separations)
  • Adapted methods for all kinds of waste (liquids, solids, aerosols)
  • Validated methods (participation in international aptitude and intercomparison tests)
  • Analyses in lab
  • Sampling program
  • Radiation control

A Key Role at Every Step of Nuclear Cleanup Operations

Our Investigation and Characterization team provides solutions before, during and after nuclear maintenance, cleanup or decommissioning operations as:
  • Characterization of initial state
  • Mapping of installations
  • Sampling program
  • D&D scenario
  • Operators radiation protection
  • Waste analysis and control
  • Identification, sorting and D&D waste management
  • Waste optimization
  • Control of final state
  • Proof of decontamination achievement

Examples of contamination mapping

Operational Synergies Between On-site Measurements and Laboratory

Competences, expertise and equipment are integrated in one team, to enable a good reactivity, efficient information and data management but also a complete adequacy between sampling operations and analytical needs.
Competencies, expertise and equipment integrated in one team
Competencies, expertise and equipment integrated in one team

* accreditation COFRAC Testing 1-5750. scope available on

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