About Us


  • Claude Laruelle
    Claude LARUELLE Director of Global Entreprises at Veolia and Chairman of Nuclear Solutions A graduate of the prestigious École Polytechnique and Ponts et Chaussées civil engineering schools, Claude Laruelle joined the Transportation Ministry in July 1993 as the Deputy Director, and subsequently Director of the Major Works department. From 1998 onward, he worked as a special advisor to the Governor of the Greater Paris Area at the ministry of the Interior for two years.

    He joined Veolia in 2000 as an Area manager in the Greater Paris Area and was successively appointed Deputy Director of the North of France region in 2002, Executive Vice-President for North America in September 2004, Director of the Normandy region in September 2006 and Vice-President in charge of operations in Asia-Pacific in January 2010. He became Director of the Group’s Technical and Performance Department in September 2013.

    Since 2015, Claude Laruelle has been Director of Global Enterprises. He is a member of the Management Committee and of the Executive Committee at Veolia.
  • Charles Melcher
    Charles MELCHER Chief Executive Officer of Nuclear Solutions

    Chuck earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the United States Naval Academy, a Masters in Nuclear Engineering from the Naval Nuclear Power School and an MBA from the Carey School of Business at Johns Hopkins University. He is a certified DOD Program Manager and Navy Scuba Diver with qualifications in Nuclear Plant Operation and Supervision. Additionally he holds specialty certification in financial management and naval engineering.

    Prior to Joining Veolia, Chuck had a successful Naval career as nuclear submariner officer serving at sea on 4 nuclear submarines as an Engineer, Executive Officer and Commanding Officer.  Prior to leaving the service, Chuck was in charge of one of the Navy’s largest naval bases, consisting of six naval Installations and a regional Navy hospital, responsible for operations, security, budgeting, energy management, infrastructure renewal and facilities master plan development.

    Prior to becoming CEO of Veolia Nuclear Solutions Chuck was the Senior Vice President for Veolia North America's Municipal and Commercial businesses in water, wastewater, hospital, facilities and energy operations across Canada and the Central US.  In this role he managed over 70 businesses providing operations, management, regulatory compliance and design-build-own-operate services to municipal, industrial and commercial clients across the region.

  • Robert Germinet
    Robert GERMINET Delegate for Nuclear Affairs
  • John Raymont
    John RAYMONT Chief Strategic Officer
  • Hervé Mille
    Hervé MILLE Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
  • Karim Ghodbane
    Karim GHODBANE VP General Counsel
  • Billy Morrison
    Billy MORRISON CEO of Veolia Nuclear Solutions - Federal Services in the U.S.
  • Erwan portrait
    Erwan HINAULT Head of Japanese operations
  • Hiroshi Chikaraishi
    Hiroshi CHIKARAISHI Chief Strategy Officer Japan
  • Dave Campbell
    David CAMPBELL Senior VP of business development for VNS Federal Services in the U.S.
  • François Parot
    François PAROT Head of Continental European operations
  • David Loughborough
    David LOUGHBOROUGH Head of UK operations
  • Marc Rood
    Marc ROOD Head of Technology Business Lines
  • Paul Larsen
    Paul LARSEN Head of Separation/Stabilization Business Line
  • Matthew Cole
    Matthew COLE Head of Access Business Line
  • Jeffrey Stahl
    Jeffrey STAHL General Manager of Alaron
  • David Morley
    David MORLEY Head of EHS&Q